Winning numbers of the German Christmas Lottery 2019

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German Christmas Lottery could make your dream come true

German Christmas Lottery

Would you like Santa Claus to have a generous monetary blessing? Then a ticket for the German Christmas Lottery could make your dream come true: Find out how to hit the jackpot in German El Gordo with information about the live stream and TV broadcast of the draw on December 26, 2019 here!

In Spain, the drawing of the Christmas lottery called “El Gordo” is a matter of course for Christmas just before Christmas Eve – meanwhile, Germany also has its own edition of the Christmas lottery. The German Christmas Lottery, which will be drawn this year on December 26, 2019, works very similarly to El Gordo in Spain – but how can you play along and secure a nice prize for Christmas?

German Christmas Lottery 2019 works like El Gordo in Spain

The drawing of the German Christmas Lottery is based on the model of El Gordo – but while the total sum of El Gordo winnings is 2.3 billion euros, the jackpot of the German Christmas Lottery is a smaller amount. But the chances of winning are higher, because statistically every third lottery ticket wins in the German Christmas Lottery. The main prize this year is 400,000 euros, with the odds of winning 1 in 100,000. A total of 31,179 prizes will be drawn in 13 prize categories.

El Gordo 2019 in Germany: How to play in the German Christmas Lottery

Anyone wishing to take part in the German Christmas Lottery draw can purchase one or more tickets until the draw on December 26th, 2019. Decisive for winning are not – as in game 77 or 6aus49 – individual winning numbers, but the numbers of the lottery tickets. All lots sold with lot numbers between 00000 and 99999 take part in the game. Participation in the German Christmas Lottery is exclusively possible via With every ticket, charitable causes of the Navidad Foundation GmbH based in Hamburg are supported, since the German Christmas Lottery is a social lottery or donation lottery.

German Christmas Lottery El Gordo 2019 not to be seen in live stream or TV

The prizes of the German Christmas Lottery will be drawn on the second Christmas day, i.e. on December 26, 2019. The drawing begins at 4:00 p.m., as can be read at The cut-off time for participating in the German Christmas Lottery is on December 26, 2019, at 12 noon. Unfortunately, the drawing of the German Christmas Lottery 2019 will not be broadcast on television – in the past few years the drawing of the German El Gordo was shown on Sat.1, for example, but this year there is no search for TV broadcasts on German free TV. In addition, it is not known whether the drawing of the German El Gordo 2019 can be seen as a live stream on the Internet.

Win 90 million euros without hitting the jackpot? That’s how it’s done

German Christmas Lottery Winner

The Euro Jackpot, filled with 90 million euros, was not cracked in the third week – or was it? In Berlin, a lottery player is currently happy about the main prize, who typed the correct numbers on June 1st. Winning in the Eurolotto without hitting the jackpot – how does that work? We’ll tell you.

Premiere in the Euro Jackpot: 90 million euros are in the pot for the third week in a row and are waiting for a winner. Since ten draws, tippers from 18 European countries have not been able to correctly tick the necessary seven numbers. This Friday (around 9 p.m.), the balls will be drawn in Helsinki in the Euro Jackpot, which has been played since 2012. During this time, the upper limit of 90 million euros has never been reached before. And yet one player won the 90 million without hitting the jackpot. How is that possible?

Euro jackpot win without hitting the jackpot?

Some will be amazed at the news that a Berlin cleaning lady hit the jackpot in the Eurolotto last Friday (01.06.2018). As “Bild” reports, the 36-year-old, who wants to remain anonymous, has won the big numbers 14, 19, 21, 30, 32 and the euro numbers 4 and 7 and is happy about the 90 million euro jackpot. Her mother had sent her the numbers with which she had won in advance via WhatsApp. But how is it that Berliners won the lottery game even though the Eurojackpot is still full?

Play and win at Lottoland – the lottery jackpot remains

You have to know that the lucky winner typed in the second provider Lottoland. There you can participate indirectly not only in the Eurolotto but also Lotto 6 from 49 or in the Spanish Christmas lottery El Gordo. As elsewhere, players also give their numbers tips. The only difference is in the case of a win. Because Lottoland, as one of the leading gaming companies, has taken out insurance against the risk of winning a jackpot of around 100 million euros, as the “Hannoversche Allgemeine” reports. This enables Lottoland to guarantee the payment to the player. Ultimately, it is not the company itself that pays, but investors step in. In return, they receive a bonus if Lottoland pays out a profit in the double-digit million range.

Third attempt: 90 million euros are waiting in the Euro Jackpot on June 8, 2018

According to Lottoland, a player already won 22 million euros in April 2016, which were transferred to his bank account. The 36-year-old from Berlin, who has currently won 90 million euros with her Lottoland tip on the Eurolotto, has clearly surpassed this million-dollar gain. However, this does not change the Euro Jackpot. On June 8, 2018, it is still filled with 90 million euros. Since the Euro Jackpot is capped, every additional Euro played flows into the 2nd prize class and forms another Jackpot there. This week, that’s around 22 million euros.

If a tipster or a syndicate from Germany were right on their own, the German record for winning the lottery would be set. So far, the record holder is a tipster from the Black Forest. The Baden-Württemberg citizen secured the sum of 90 million euros in 2016.

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