How do you become a good blackjack player?

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Would you like to start playing blackjack in an online casino? Then we would be happy to help you. In this article, we give you a number of tips.

The strategy on becoming a good blackjack player

A Good Blackjack Player

The main advice we can give you on how to become a good blackjack player is that. Always read the rules first. Because if you don’t know the rules, you won’t make a profit. A separate article was written about the rules of the game of blackjack. You can find it here.

It is also useful to apply the blackjack strategy during the game. This strategy is an overview with four choices that you have to make during the game. If you do this, you can get the best results. The dealer has a card during the game. You have two cards yourself. On this basis, you can choose whether you want to buy, double, split or fit. That’s how to become a good blackjack player.

Different Variations

There are different versions of the game of blackjack. If you are just starting to play, we recommend that you choose the standard version first. This way you learn the rules quickly. Play this variant several times. The more you practice, the better you get. And the higher the chance that you will make a profit to become a good blackjack player. In many online casinos, you can try blackjack for free first. This means that you don’t have to bet real money. It is advisable to use this. This way you can get to know the game better first. As soon as you are good at it, start playing for money.

Live Casino

Nowadays, many online casinos also have live casinos. Here you can play a table game against a professional dealer. This also applies to the blackjack game. When you play in a live casino, you interact with the dealer. This is done via a live connection. For this reason, you can always ask for help. This is also our next tip. If you have questions about something or don’t understand something, always ask.

The Right Attitude

The last tip we give you is the right attitude. This is very important. If players lose a few times in a row, they often increase the bet. Do not do that. There is a possibility that you will lose large amounts. Only increase the bet if you have made a profit several times in a row. This way you win money or even make a profit. Always know when to stop. Ultimately, playing in an online casino should be fun. That’s the most important.

The popularity of online casinos

Online Casino

Online casinos are becoming increasingly popular

Online casino what many had already suspected has now been confirmed: More and more people are trying their luck in online casinos! According to a report by the EGBA (European Gaming & Betting Association), online gambling increased by a sensational 11% in 2018.

This growth shows that gaming is also becoming increasingly popular in online casinos. For a good reason, because online casinos have many advantages over land-based casinos. You can play at the online casino at any time, do not have to accept cumbersome routes and have a much larger selection of games and limits.

Chatbots: Better customer service in online casinos

Online casino Great news for all gamers! If you have ever played in an online casino and needed help, you may know this: Live chat is not available, there is no telephone service anyway, and email support takes days. You have already read the lean FAQ, if there is one at all. In the near future, another possibility of support could be added in the online casinos: Chatbots.

What is a Chabot? This is a program that automatically answers the questions asked in a chat window opened by the customer. Just enter your question in live chat as usual and the Chatbot will give you an answer immediately. This is very time-saving because you do not have to wait for minutes or even longer than with human customer service representatives.

Of course there are also some challenges. If the question is formulated simply and clearly and the topic is available in the sample database of the chatbot, the bot can give the user direct information. But if the question is more complicated and specific, the bot quickly reaches its limits. In these cases, the support staff should be able to step in immediately.


Three different casino bonuses

Do you like to play in an online casino? Then you can use different casino bonuses with each provider. But what exactly does a casino bonus mean? And what advantages can it bring you as a player? In this article, we will highlight three important bonuses for you.

Bonuses for Good Blackjack Player

The Welcome Bonus

Almost all online casinos in the industry use a welcome bonus to attract new players. Usually, this is additional play money that a player receives. For example, you get a percentage on your first deposit. This way your money can be increased. This is often associated with a maximum. Please note that a welcome bonus must be activated. Always read the conditions. Once you have achieved this, the bonus can be claimed. In this case, you will receive additional play money.

No Deposit Bonus

Unlike many other bonuses, you don’t have to deposit money with a no deposit bonus. This bonus can be received in the form of money or free spins, for example. You get this as an additional gift from online casinos without having to make a deposit. This can be the case, for example, when new players create an account. It is also possible that these bonuses will be paid out to regular players.

Deposit Bonus

The name actually says it all. With a deposit bonus, you have to make a deposit. You can then get a bonus for it. Online casinos can reward fixed players with this bonus. If someone deposits money frequently, they can get additional play money this way. For example, providers may offer this promotion on a fixed day per week. In this case, players can earn benefits that day.

Remember that there are always conditions associated with receiving bonuses. Each casino has its own policy. Read this in advance and check if the bonuses are attractive to you.


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