Wild warriors

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Wild Warriors on the other hand is really fast and hard but not necessarily an easy speedrun. You do not only make money here, either. In fact, you earn points for every turn that you are in, too. I don't think that this game is as challenging as the first two, however, I haven't spent much time in this one either so I won't really say anything about it.

The Ocean Fantasy slot machine was pretty hard to master, though it had some good graphics. For some reason, there was just way too many icons on the reels and it was difficult to tell which icons were which, but I eventually got it. The Wild Warriors bonus level has a hidden “treasure chest” with rare items inside, but again it took me a while to figure out what each of them did. Inside the treasure chest, however, there are two things – a wild warriors icon and a slot-machine code – which I believe are required to complete the game.

With that done, it's time to move on to the actual game. To play Wild Warriors, you start out by choosing your warrior and then following the onscreen prompts to place your cash on the wager and select a number of symbols from a variety of wild symbol lists. These symbols will be shown on your screen and you have to strike them using the corresponding icon to make the corresponding amount of coins to place in your winning combination. Winning allows you to choose from three different endings: single, multi, and crazy. If you want to know how to cheat, I guess that depends on how much cheating you want to do.