Treasures of tombs (bonus)

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About Treasures of Tombs: Hidden Treasure Slot Game. Treasure of Tombs is an old time classic free Spider Solitaire downloads you can play on your computer. It is a fairly simple two-player game in which you attempt to locate the hidden treasure chests scattered about the screen. The game is divided into three sections, the search section, the bonus section and finally the final examination section where you examine the chests to try and find more treasure.

There are a total of seven Treasures of Tombs slots available in this version of Solitaire. The regular treasure chest contains a coin’s value of five dollars. The super bonus round of the game has the multipliers of the treasures of tombs of ten, twenty and fifty dollars each. The treasure map section of the game has symbols such as the face of King David I, Queen Elizabeth, the bust of Elvis Presley, the lion of King Arthur, the dragon, and the Greek god of healing, Pandora.

To win a Treasures of Tombs slot game you must match up one of the regular symbols with one of the wild symbols on the bonus board. (The wild symbols are the ones in bold.) If any of the symbols already matched, the player wins the Treasures of Tombs Slot Game. If no matching symbol can be found, the player will lose the game. In addition, when any of the coins in the slot is played and it is not paid out, then it counts as one of the regular symbols on the bonus board and that will count for the player. If none of the regular symbols is found, then the coin is worth nothing.