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One of the best-known slot games that have earned a large following around the globe is the Mayana slot machine. As the name implies, this particular slot machine is based on the Mayan tradition. In the traditional slot, players get taken on a journey through the colorful Aztec jungle where they accumulate coins and masks for later rewards. It is believed that playing this game helps to relieve stress or anxiety as it allows the player to forget about everyday problems by gambling in a fun and entertaining manner.

The story behind how the Mayana came to be is that a powerful elemental being known as “Pachmana” gave some gold pieces to his eight sisters who were struggling to establish their own dynasty. Once they gathered all the gold that they could, the sisters passed all of it down in order that each generation would find prosperity and stability in establishing a city in the jungle. While playing in the game, players will notice some familiar symbols that represent certain skills and strengths allowing the gamer to use them to their advantage when playing the game.

Some of the more popular icons that may be seen in the game is the turtle, wheel, lightning bolt, bear, panther, snake, and dragon. This may sound confusing at first since each icon represents something totally different, but once a person gets acquainted with the mechanics of the game, all of these will start making sense. Although the game is a bit unorthodox, it is actually a very fun way to spend an afternoon, and gaming experts recommend that players should play the game as often as possible.