Blue wizard

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If you love playing casino games on your computer but you're tired of the same old boring games that you've played before, then download Blue Wizard and try it out for yourself. This is a completely original and totally free version of the classic card/board game. What's more, you can play this game with anyone, anywhere since it's online. That's what makes it even better – you don't have to travel to Las Vegas just to play a little magic! It's perfect for people who enjoy the fun of a good game and who want to play something fresh and new.

There are several free reels available in Blue Wizard as well. Simply land three hits on any of the four reels – the green one, the red one, or the purple one to start. The second slot is also specially designed to automatically boost crystal and wild symbol cards so you'll be able to trigger the fire sprinkler feature as well. And the last slot is just a slot with a symbol so you can use it if you wish. The Blue Wizard add-on includes a bonus reel with two more reels that allows you to play three magical reels for free (and you can purchase the additional packs of reels over again).

The Blue Wizard free games feature is a simple one, yet it manages to get very addictive. You start by picking a basic card/board layout and then you choose random symbols from a hat (they're all pretty cool, by the way). When you click on them, they open up and reveal a random card or symbol, and then you just click on it to place it onto the base game spin so that you can choose the symbols and the card/symbol to place onto the base game spin. It's fun and easy, and it will definitely make you think back to the classic base game spin.